Sept of the Five Winds

Session 6

The Rite of Claiming

After emerging from the caern, Ansem approached the rest of his party. He shared new information with the party, explaining that he had been lured by Conrad into a clandestine meeting with a man claiming to be Tsannik. The assassin, Bloodjaw, had been sent by this same man. The party took this information with some surprise, trying to figure out whether it was only Conrad who was now aligned with Tsannik, or whether all the Shadow Lords were now corrupted.

To the party, it became clear that there were two options: one, return to the meeting place and hunt down this man claiming to be Tsannik; and two, defend the caern against the Shadow Lords. But did that mean hunting the Shadow Lords, or attempting to lure them into a trap at the caern? Reið, remembering that he was holding a talking sword, asked Jerry for council. Jerry, acerbic as ever, reminded the party that this wasn’t their battle and that they could just as easily abandon the Fenrir and go on their merry way. He was summarily sheathed for such advice. [Side note: He was not sheathed, but he should have been.]

As the party discussed their options, a crow arrived at the camp. Carla’s keen eyes caught this and she warned that crows were messengers of the Shadow Lords. Conclin spoke with the birds and gathered that the Lords were approaching for a “meeting.” Not wanting to be caught off guard, the group made hasty battle preparations, and took defensive positions around the sept. Conclin prepared the melée fighters for battle by casting Mage’s Armor on Ansem, Golgol, Reið, Rizdaveez, and Trokmutt.

Anna Kliminski and her Shadow Lords arrived at the clearing. She boldly claimed that Golgol was unable to defend the Sept of the Five Winds from the Wyrm, and as such, it would now come under the guard of the Shadow Lords. She further accused Ansem of luring Conrad to Tsannik, of being the offspring of Tsannik, and of corrupting the Fenrir in order to deliver the caern to the Wyrm. The party rushed to their comrade’s defense. Reið claimed that he didn’t care what Ansem’s parentage was as he stood side-by-side with the accused. As Golgol called on Ansem to address the charges, Trokmutt reminded the alpha of the Get of Fenrir that Trokmutt himself had once stood falsely accused on these same grounds. Ansem confirmed that Tsannik had claimed to be his father, but denied the other allegations against him, and accused Conrad of betrayal in turn. Though Ansem had withheld that he may be the son of Tsannik from his friends, Golgol resolved to stand by his packmate and defend his honor. With that, the lines were drawn.

The Fenrir and the Shadow Lords met in a frenzy of tooth and claws. Bowfire came from the woods, and Rizdaveez tracked down Nadia and engaged her. Ansem, Reið, and Carla surrounded Roar-of-Storms and ably brought him down. Laria and Conclin used their magic to attack both Conrad and Anna. Trokmutt, Firel, Golgol, and Gere went straight for Anna.

The two alphas held nothing back, both taking their Crinos forms. Golgol and Anna traded vicious blows. But Golgol was underprepared for this battle, and Anna soon gained the upper hand. She plunged her silver klaive into his heart then brutally tore out his throat with her teeth. The alpha of the Get fell dead to the ground. Gere went into a fury – leaping over his friend’s body to rabidly attack Anna. But Anna turned her attention to Conclin, leaping at the flyer and pulling him back down to the ground. With haste Laria hurried to the corpse of Golgol. He tapped into his druidic power, suddenly causing the body of a half-orc to materialize on the ground behind him…



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