Sept of the Five Winds

Session 5

The Rite of Investiture

After returning to the caern, Golgol offered to make the adventurers full members of the pack. They agreed, and were welcomed to the Sept of the Five Winds through the Rite of Investiture. This involved Golgol, in his Crinos form, giving each member a ritual scar on their arm with his claw.

When the ceremony was completed, Golgol openly shared his distrust of the Shadow Lords, and that he suspected that they would attempt to take the caern by force. The group discussed strategies for the protection of the caern, and also expressed a desire to learn more about Tsannik. At some point, Ansem sneaked away from the meeting, and Laria revealed that he had gone to meet with the Conrad. With dawn approaching, the party decided to bed down for the day, and set a guard to watch for threats.

Rizdaveez took the first watch, and it passed without a problem. Laria then took second watch. He noticed a shadowy figure in the woods, and heard a branch snap behind him, but remained calm and held his position. He was startled, however, when he noticed that Ansem had apparently returned at some point, possibly during the first watch, and was sleeping by the fire. It quickly became clear that something was amiss, as the cloaked figure posing as Ansem rose, and began to approach Laria at the top of the hill. When he received no response from the stranger, Laria called for his friends to awake, as the cloaked being charged!

Laria, thinking quickly, cast Master Air, grew wings, and flew straight up in the air! As the party began responding to Laria’s call, the stranger diverted his course and stabbed Conclin while he slept. Conclin was able to heal himself and crawl away, and while the cloaked figure was focused on him, Golgol arose and threw Gungir, piercing the creature through the back. As his cowl fell away, it became plain that this was certainly not Ansem, but a red-haired man with a mask covering his mouth. As he was surrounded by Reið, Gere, and Firel, he suddenly transformed into a werewolf, though a severely malformed one. His snout was a bloody and toothy mess, and he viciously began attacking all those around him. Trokmutt and Rizdaveez joined the fray, and the werewolf was finally dispatched by a well-placed lightning bolt from Laria.

Golgol informed the party that he knew the dead Garou by reputation, and named him as Bloodjaw, an assassin for the Black Spiral Dancers, a tribe of Wyrm-tainted Garou. As Laria eradicated the body with repeated lightning bolts, the group discussed the implications of a Wyrm assassin infiltrating their camp, and the increased likelihood of Tsannik’s coming. When Ansem returned and expressed knowledge of the attack, the party questioned his actions that evening. Ansem first insisted on speaking with Golgol alone, and they entered the Sept together . . . .



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