Sept of the Five Winds

Names and Terms

Garou – natural born werewolf, also called Child of Gaia
Gaia – Earth goddess
Caern – holy place of prayer to Gaia
Pack – group of Garou living together
Sept – pack of Garou defending a caern
Tribe – a broader term for a group of Garou with shared ideals
Skindancer – a person who becomes a werewolf by wearing wolf skins, considered an abomination by Garou
Moot – meeting between Garou tribes
Lupus – wolf form Garou, born to a Lupus and a wolf
Homid – humanoid form Garou, born to a Homid and a humanoid
Wyrm – Gaia’s ancient enemy, God of corruption, war, and soul-consumption
Crinos – a Garou’s werewolf form
Auspice – moon sign of a Garou’s birth, determining her role in society
Ragabash – auspice of the dark (new) moon, the Trickster
Theurge – auspice of the sickle (crescent) moon, the Seer
Philodox – auspice of the half moon, the Judge
Galliard – auspice of the egg (gibbous) moon, the Bard, or Moon Dancer
Ahroun – auspice of the full moon, the Warrior
Suharrahu – auspice of the blood moon (lunar eclipse), the Hidden One
Bane – evil spirit in service to the Wyrm
Klaive – holy silver dagger
Kinfolk – non-Garou member of a tribe
Umbra – spirit world, accessed through a caern
Gauntlet – magical barrier separating the Umbra from the real world
Totem – spirit animal that aids its followers

Samuel Haight – skindancer killed by Jeryth/Ansem
Sept of the Five Winds – the caern, and the pack defending it
Get of Fenris – tribe of the sept, also called the Fenrir
Golgol – Get of Fenris, pack alpha, Protector of the Sept, a huge and gregarious man
Carla – Get of Fenris, a handsome young woman with short white hair
Gere – Get of Fenris, a stern, middle-aged man with red hair
Fang Jumper – Get of Fenris, a teenager with a shaved head
Shadow Lords – tribe with whom the Fenrir trade information
Anna – Shadow Lord, pack alpha, a tall and muscular woman with black hair, killed by Trokmutt
Conrad – Shadow Lord, a sallow, middle aged man with graying hair, killed by Gere
Nadia – Shadow Lord, a petite young woman with a scar over her eye
Roar-of-Storms – Shadow Lord, a jet black wolf, killed by ReiĆ°
Red Talons – tribe of all lupus Garou, renowned for hating humans
Mamu – Red Talon, pack alpha, an enormous, dark red direwolf, killed by Firel
Eater-of-Bears – Red Talon, a small, brown wolf, killed by Trokmutt
Sees-Past-Lies – Red Talon, a reddish-brown wolf, killed by Trokmutt
Growls-at-Moon – Red Talon, a pure white wolf, killed by Laria
Tsannik – powerful minion of the Wyrm, possibly a Bane spirit
Black Spiral Dancers – tribe of insane Garou who have converted to the Wyrm
Fangthane Bloodjaw – Black Spiral Dancer, an assassin with a damaged and bloody face, killed by Laria
Shakey Mac – Bone Gnawer, an ancient and wise Theurge



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