Sept of the Five Winds

Epilogue - The Continuing Adventures of Firel

The Rite of Kinfolk Vengeance

After losing the mental connection with his master, Firel made for the caern with all haste. He went to Laria’s now lifeless body, and laid down beside him. Gere and his Fenrir feared the worst for their companions. Shakey Mac had entered the Umbra to aid them, but now it was clear that none who had gone to battle Tsannik had survived.

The Garou healed Firel’s cut and bloody body, and he communicated to them that Tsannik was weak from the battle. Gere called for the Rite of Kinfolk Vengeance, which holds that anyone who kills a packmate must be dealt swift retribution. Gere and Carla entered the Umbra, while Firel, Jumper, and Nadia remained in the physical realm.

The Fenrir returned to the clearing and witnessed the carnage there. They paused but a moment with the corpses of their friends, knowing that Tsannik could not be allowed time to heal. Firel caught scent of the beast, and Gere found a trail of the bane’s essence in the Umbra.

They tracked Tsannik all night, all the way to his lair, the Blightscape, an unholy caern of unspeakable evil. Here in this festering swamp they found the monster, crippled and bleeding from a hundred wounds. It was here, in this vile place, that Gere Hunts-the-Hunters plunged Gungnir, holy spear of Fenris, into the black heart of Tsannik’s hideous bane form, while Firel ripped out the throat of the poor creature he had possessed. Tsannik was dead.

. . .

The Get of Fenris made their way back to the clearing. They gathered the bodies of their fallen packmates, and returned them to the Sept of the Five Winds. Here they gave proper burial to their friends, brave warriors who gave their lives for the most noble of causes; the defense of life itself in the face of pure evil. Their names and deeds became legends among the tribes, and every Garou today knows the tale of their great sacrifice.

Firel was made a full member of the Get of Fenris, and lived out the rest of his days in peace with his new pack.



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