Sept of the Five Winds

Session 3

The Rite of Passage

Gungnir, the holy spear of the Fenrir, and Golgol’s personal weapon, had been stolen from the caern. Azriel, having bragged of the crime, was called out by Golgol to show himself, return the spear, and answer for its theft. When the spear was revealed to be in the possession of Trokmutt, Golgol immediately challenged him to combat, but Carla was able to convince him to question Azriel.

When Azriel and Trokmutt continued to accuse each other of the crime, Golgol banished the group from the camp. As the party turned to leave, Trokmutt suddenly transformed into a bear and attacked Azriel! While in the grip of the bear, Azriel was impaled by Jeryth, and dealt a vicious blow by ReiĆ°. Trokmutt, reverting to his natural form, flung Azriel’s limp body at the feet of Golgol. Laria confirmed that the halfling was dead.

While ReiĆ° and Laria went about burying Azriel, the pack met within the caern. After some deliberation, Golgol agreed to let the party remain in camp, as the spear had been returned and its thief met with justice. The party, thoroughly exhausted, finally was able to rest through the day.

Upon waking in the evening, Conclin asked Golgol if the group would still be permitted to attend moot with the Shadow Lords. Golgol said they would, provided they agreed to a Rite of Passage. This rite turned out to be a melee in the woods, with no magic permitted. The party handily defeated the four Garou, and Laria was able to mend Gungnir, after Rizdaveez had destroyed it in the battle. Having defeated the pack in combat, while also returning his spear to him twice, the party earned the respect of Golgol Fangs-First and the Fenrir.



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