Sept of the Five Winds

Session 4
The Moot of the Tribes

After the Rite of Passage, the party returned to camp to eat and rest before the midnight moot with the Shadow Lords. Several party members had discussions with certain pack members, and it was suggested that outsiders attending the moot should not speak or bear weapons. When it was time to leave, Gere stayed behind to guard the caern, and the party followed Golgol west, deeper into the woods.

After about a 3 mile hike, the group came to a clearing where the Shadow Lords were waiting. Anna, apparently the pack alpha, traded information with Golgol on current happenings in the forest. She informed him that Mamu, the feared human-killer and alpha of the Red Talons, had returned to the forest. Golgol expressed concern that Mamu might target his new human companions, and hoped to avoid a confrontation with him.

Anna then brought far graver news to the attention of the Fenrir; that Tsannik had been seen in the forest as well. This news seemed to shock the Fenrir, and Conrad, another Shadow Lord, explained to the party the story of Gaia and the Wyrm. He told how the Wyrm is Gaia’s ancient enemy, and that his minions on Earth fulfill his mission to corrupt and kill all that is good in the world. He explained that Tsannik is the most powerful agent of the Wyrm that any Garou had ever encountered, but that none of those present had ever seen him. When the group asked him to describe Tsannik, Conrad told them that he was capable of changing his appearance. Jerry informed Reið that the name “Tsannik” was demonic in origin.

Anna pressed Golgol to allow the Shadow Lords to assist in the defense of the caern, but Golgol sternly refused, and declared the moot to be concluded. Some of the party had conversations with Conrad and the Fenrir after the moot, and the group started the hike back to camp.

On the way back, the party was ambushed at a stream by Mamu and his Red Talons. The skills of the group were on full display, as they made short work of the famous killer Garou and his tribe. Trokmutt cleft two of the Talons in twain, while Laria commanded his own wolves to finish off the other two. Golgol, Jumper, and Carla remained uninvolved during the fight, claiming that it was forbidden for Garou to slay Garou. When the dead werewolves were buried, the party returned to camp at the Sept of the Five Winds.

Session 3
The Rite of Passage

Gungnir, the holy spear of the Fenrir, and Golgol’s personal weapon, had been stolen from the caern. Azriel, having bragged of the crime, was called out by Golgol to show himself, return the spear, and answer for its theft. When the spear was revealed to be in the possession of Trokmutt, Golgol immediately challenged him to combat, but Carla was able to convince him to question Azriel.

When Azriel and Trokmutt continued to accuse each other of the crime, Golgol banished the group from the camp. As the party turned to leave, Trokmutt suddenly transformed into a bear and attacked Azriel! While in the grip of the bear, Azriel was impaled by Jeryth, and dealt a vicious blow by Reið. Trokmutt, reverting to his natural form, flung Azriel’s limp body at the feet of Golgol. Laria confirmed that the halfling was dead.

While Reið and Laria went about burying Azriel, the pack met within the caern. After some deliberation, Golgol agreed to let the party remain in camp, as the spear had been returned and its thief met with justice. The party, thoroughly exhausted, finally was able to rest through the day.

Upon waking in the evening, Conclin asked Golgol if the group would still be permitted to attend moot with the Shadow Lords. Golgol said they would, provided they agreed to a Rite of Passage. This rite turned out to be a melee in the woods, with no magic permitted. The party handily defeated the four Garou, and Laria was able to mend Gungnir, after Rizdaveez had destroyed it in the battle. Having defeated the pack in combat, while also returning his spear to him twice, the party earned the respect of Golgol Fangs-First and the Fenrir.

Names and Terms

Garou – natural born werewolf, also called Child of Gaia
Gaia – Earth goddess
Caern – holy place of prayer to Gaia
Pack – group of Garou living together
Sept – pack of Garou defending a caern
Tribe – a broader term for a group of Garou with shared ideals
Skindancer – a person who becomes a werewolf by wearing wolf skins, considered an abomination by Garou
Moot – meeting between Garou tribes
Lupus – wolf form Garou, born to a Lupus and a wolf
Homid – humanoid form Garou, born to a Homid and a humanoid
Wyrm – Gaia’s ancient enemy, God of corruption, war, and soul-consumption
Crinos – a Garou’s werewolf form
Auspice – moon sign of a Garou’s birth, determining her role in society
Ragabash – auspice of the dark (new) moon, the Trickster
Theurge – auspice of the sickle (crescent) moon, the Seer
Philodox – auspice of the half moon, the Judge
Galliard – auspice of the egg (gibbous) moon, the Bard, or Moon Dancer
Ahroun – auspice of the full moon, the Warrior
Suharrahu – auspice of the blood moon (lunar eclipse), the Hidden One
Bane – evil spirit in service to the Wyrm
Klaive – holy silver dagger
Kinfolk – non-Garou member of a tribe
Umbra – spirit world, accessed through a caern
Gauntlet – magical barrier separating the Umbra from the real world
Totem – spirit animal that aids its followers

Samuel Haight – skindancer killed by Jeryth/Ansem
Sept of the Five Winds – the caern, and the pack defending it
Get of Fenris – tribe of the sept, also called the Fenrir
Golgol – Get of Fenris, pack alpha, Protector of the Sept, a huge and gregarious man
Carla – Get of Fenris, a handsome young woman with short white hair
Gere – Get of Fenris, a stern, middle-aged man with red hair
Fang Jumper – Get of Fenris, a teenager with a shaved head
Shadow Lords – tribe with whom the Fenrir trade information
Anna – Shadow Lord, pack alpha, a tall and muscular woman with black hair, killed by Trokmutt
Conrad – Shadow Lord, a sallow, middle aged man with graying hair, killed by Gere
Nadia – Shadow Lord, a petite young woman with a scar over her eye
Roar-of-Storms – Shadow Lord, a jet black wolf, killed by Reið
Red Talons – tribe of all lupus Garou, renowned for hating humans
Mamu – Red Talon, pack alpha, an enormous, dark red direwolf, killed by Firel
Eater-of-Bears – Red Talon, a small, brown wolf, killed by Trokmutt
Sees-Past-Lies – Red Talon, a reddish-brown wolf, killed by Trokmutt
Growls-at-Moon – Red Talon, a pure white wolf, killed by Laria
Tsannik – powerful minion of the Wyrm, possibly a Bane spirit
Black Spiral Dancers – tribe of insane Garou who have converted to the Wyrm
Fangthane Bloodjaw – Black Spiral Dancer, an assassin with a damaged and bloody face, killed by Laria
Shakey Mac – Bone Gnawer, an ancient and wise Theurge

Session 2
The Rite of the Skin Dance

Jeryth and Azriel approached the clearing, and witnessed what appeared to be a human sacrifice in progress. Three humans wearing only bloody wolf pelts stood over an unconscious man on a stone slab. As the leader of the rite brought down his dagger, Jeryth intervened, and stabbed the nearest man through the heart. As Azriel joined the fight, the cult leader suddenly transformed into a huge, white werewolf!

Hearing the commotion, the rest of the party arrived to the fight and waded in. Reið traded blows with the werewolf, while Jeryth dispatched the female follower. Lightning, fire, and eldritch blasts rained down on the werewolf from the sky, and the creature was finally destroyed when Jeryth pierced him though the throat. Reið asked Jerry for assistance, and Jerry informed him that the group were “skindancers”, unnatural werewolves.

Laria revived the bound man on the slab, and he introduced himself as Jumper. Jumper claimed to have been captured by the skindancers while hunting, and asked the party to accompany him to the safety of his camp. When asked if he was a “shapechanger”, he confirmed that he was “Garou”, a natural born werewolf. Jerry was consulted on the term “Gaia”, used both by Jumper and the skindancer, and he identified it as the Earth goddess, worshipped by the Garou and other woodland dwellers. After some debate on whether to return to the road and the old man, the party resolved to follow Jumper to his camp, west through the woods.

After about 3 hours, the party reached Jumper’s camp, which turned out to be a clearing next to a small hill. Jumper introduced his packmates Carla and Gere, and Carla invited the party to rest and eat. Carla also provided some information on the pack. She stated that the cave in the hill was a holy place, called a caern, where they prayed to Gaia. This caern was named the Sept of the Five Winds, and she said that it was the mission of the pack to defend it with their lives.

Golgol, a huge man identified as the pack alpha, exited the caern and joined the conversation. He praised and thanked the group for rescuing Jumper, and for destroying the notorious skindancer Samuel Haight. He insisted that the group stay with the pack to regain their strength. Gere informed the party that they were not permitted to enter the cave, and became agitated when he could no longer detect Azriel by his scent, though Golgol dismissed his fears. Several one-on-one conversations occurred, and the party prepared to bed down for the day. After a long and trying night, everything seemed to have calmed down. And then mention was made of a missing spear . . . .

Session 1
On the Wooded Road

After sleeping at Hoenheim’s Tower, the party (Reið, Laria, Trokmutt, Conclin, Azriel, and the newly returned Jeryth) met for breakfast in the dining room. With a curt “Gentlemen, thank you for your service”, and a wave of his hand, the adventurers were instantly teleported out of the Tower, and materialized on an unfamiliar dirt road in the woods.

The party made some fruitless efforts to discern their location. Flying above the high tree-line proved useless, revealing only more woods in all directions. Azriel was able to spy what appeared to be large river to the north. Laria determined that they were in a temperate forest of hardwood trees, with normal woodland life in the area. Conclin was able to make some headway by getting some information from a local hawk. Based on this information, the party resolved to head southeast down the road, away from what the hawk described as “monsters” to the west.

After about 9 miles of travel with no change in the situation or landscape, the gang took a brief break for lunch, and a short foray into the woods, ostensibly to observe the local squirrel population. When this proved tiresome, they hit the road again.

Another 6 miles and still no change, the party decided to make camp with dusk upon them. It was at this point that Reið remembered Jerry the talking sword, and asked it for help in determining their location. In his usual prickly manner, Jerry deduced that they were in the woods, and that it was too dark for him to tell anything else.

As they prepared to make camp, a lone figure was spotted approaching from the southeast. Despite suspicion on both sides, Conclin was able to defuse the situation, and invited the lone dwarf to join them for the evening. He introduced himself as Rizdaveez, and, though wary to give details on his past, did reveal that he was the last of a party of dwarves, and had been wandering the woods for days until he found the road.

Trokmutt took the first shift, and it passed without issue. Laria took second shift, and sometime after midnight, was alerted to an approaching creature when Firel awoke, and began growling towards the northwest. Laria quickly awoke his companions, and Conclin addressed the shadowy figure with a Dancing Lights spell. The figure, apparently an old human man, proved difficult to read, and when the lights wore out, began approaching again. Laria was shocked as Firel quickly went from anger, to submissive fear, to walking forward and sniffing and licking the strange man’s hand, all in a matter of moments! Sensing no hostility in the man, Laria invited him to sit by the fire.

The party asked some questions of the man, but the cryptic answers they received offered little in the way of information. When asked if he was a friend of the forest, he claimed to “serve her, as I serve all living things.” The gang was getting drowsy, and they began to bed down again after an eventful day. However, before anyone could get settled, the party was startled when the old man unexpectedly grabbed Jeryth by the arm violently. As the man’s eyes rolled back in his head, he pulled Jeryth close, and whispered in his ear. The two exchanged whispers for a few seconds, when suddenly, the old man released his grip, and proceeded to lay down and go to sleep.

As the party looked to Jeryth for a reaction, he became wild eyed with what appeared to be both fear and exhilaration! He asked the party for help, and to come with him immediately. When pressed for a reason, his response was “to save an innocent life.” Jeryth then quickly packed his things, and took off at a brisk pace, southeast down the road. The party, left with few options, followed his lead, and left the old man behind.

The group reached a large boulder by the side of the road, and, again following Jeryth’s lead, headed west into the woods, in the direction of the full moon. As they neared a clearing about 2 miles in, Radagast was able to communicate “DANGER” to Conclin, and Laria (in wolf form) confirmed the presence of multiple humans ahead . . . .

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