Sept of the Five Winds

Session 4

The Moot of the Tribes

After the Rite of Passage, the party returned to camp to eat and rest before the midnight moot with the Shadow Lords. Several party members had discussions with certain pack members, and it was suggested that outsiders attending the moot should not speak or bear weapons. When it was time to leave, Gere stayed behind to guard the caern, and the party followed Golgol west, deeper into the woods.

After about a 3 mile hike, the group came to a clearing where the Shadow Lords were waiting. Anna, apparently the pack alpha, traded information with Golgol on current happenings in the forest. She informed him that Mamu, the feared human-killer and alpha of the Red Talons, had returned to the forest. Golgol expressed concern that Mamu might target his new human companions, and hoped to avoid a confrontation with him.

Anna then brought far graver news to the attention of the Fenrir; that Tsannik had been seen in the forest as well. This news seemed to shock the Fenrir, and Conrad, another Shadow Lord, explained to the party the story of Gaia and the Wyrm. He told how the Wyrm is Gaia’s ancient enemy, and that his minions on Earth fulfill his mission to corrupt and kill all that is good in the world. He explained that Tsannik is the most powerful agent of the Wyrm that any Garou had ever encountered, but that none of those present had ever seen him. When the group asked him to describe Tsannik, Conrad told them that he was capable of changing his appearance. Jerry informed ReiĆ° that the name “Tsannik” was demonic in origin.

Anna pressed Golgol to allow the Shadow Lords to assist in the defense of the caern, but Golgol sternly refused, and declared the moot to be concluded. Some of the party had conversations with Conrad and the Fenrir after the moot, and the group started the hike back to camp.

On the way back, the party was ambushed at a stream by Mamu and his Red Talons. The skills of the group were on full display, as they made short work of the famous killer Garou and his tribe. Trokmutt cleft two of the Talons in twain, while Laria commanded his own wolves to finish off the other two. Golgol, Jumper, and Carla remained uninvolved during the fight, claiming that it was forbidden for Garou to slay Garou. When the dead werewolves were buried, the party returned to camp at the Sept of the Five Winds.



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